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A Christian Helping Hand

We make crocheted afghans, scarves, hats for the homeless. If you have a friend or family in need please let us know in an e-mail with the subject: Ministries. We will customize a scarf with a desired color when possible. We are providing Christian Ministries to low-income families by donating free hats and scarves for the cold winter months, which are hand-,made crocheted or knitted. In addition, we provide free counseling materials or audios for individuals struggling in life. 

Christian Counseling and Serving the Elderly

We have a passionate caring heart to provide Christian Ministries for the elderly. Sadly, our elders are suffering from loneliness as they grow older. People are busy with jobs, children and life in general. Many elders are self efficient and just need fellowship with other humans. If your elderly family member or friend, needs counseling or coaching to help with loneliness or faith, we provide free online services. He or she will need internet access. In order to receive our free or low cost Christian Ministries for elders, just send us an e-mail or contact us. The service is low cost or free with no hidden fees. We are a non-profit and wish to provide Free services; however, we also want to keep offering services and we are NOT government funded so we have to charge a small fee.

Ministry Compassion

We have a desire to bring free teaching, audios and videos to people who are hurting, lonely, betrayed, lost. If you are someone who needs free materials on Christian topics, please contact us.

When you feel Betrayed

Marriage Betrayal, Family, Friends

Comforting scripture for times when you feel betrayed, persecuted, crushed by loved ones. May this audio bless you with God's Word and bring comfort in knowing you are not alone.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Christian Pastor Conlon Lay Down Regrets

Christians carrying guilt, remorse, sadness over the past. Today lay down the past because you can be free in Christ Jesus.