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Online Christian Counseling-Biblical Christian Life Coaching

Online Christian Counseling-Biblical Christian Life Coaching Online Christian Counseling-Biblical Christian Life Coaching Online Christian Counseling-Biblical Christian Life Coaching

Online or by Phone Christian Life Coaching

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Professional Christian Life Coach- Life Coach Mental Health

Professional Christian Life coaching is a solution-based, results driven, process used to achieve personal, family or career goals. Life coaching can be used to overcome depression, anxiety, stress or daily obstacles. Christian Life Coaching can improve career, relationships, personal growth and obstacles.

Our Christian life coaching techniques offer you a five step process, with a specialized certified professionally trained coach. You can meet with your Christian Life Coach in the privacy of your own home either by phone or online chat through video.

Your Christian life coach will help you develop a personalized action plan with goals. This may include personal, career, relationships with family, extended family, friends, co-workers, or other relations. Christian Life coaching uses Biblical tools as a foundation. Life coaching takes a holistic approach to improving your life.

The GRACE Model for Christian Life Coaching is designed to address life and career from a holistic approach.. It is a five-step Spiritual Life Coach process, specifically designed to assist individuals, in the success of a happier, more fulfilling, satisfying life.

  • Step One- Goals
  • Step Two- Review
  • Step Three- Action Plan
  • Step Four- Changes in your life
  • Step Five- Embrace

Online Christian Life Coaches will provide you with FREE tools, worksheets, assessments, audio listening and more to help your life coaching journey. 

The Grace Life Coach model provides, Emotional Coaching as well, for working through intense emotions. Personal Coaching is beneficial for overcoming depression, anxiety, stress, grief, faith issues, and personal crisis or family issues. 

Mental Health Life Coaching from a Christian Biblical perspective uses scripture to engage in the growth process. A mental health counselor will help to establish attainable goals for improving stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, grief and other issues in life. 

If you are stressed, or are feeling defeated; your life coach is there to build you up, encourage, motivate and hold you accountable. 

How does Christian life coaching work?


Life Coaching is a five-step process following the GRACE Christian Life Coaching Model. You and your coach will evaluate and assess your Goals. This is done through a professional assessment, which allows ease of determining the goals you have for yourself or relationships. 

The next step is the Review process. In the review process you are identifying the obstacles, issues, problems such as stress, anger, depression, perfectionism and so forth. In the review process, you will assess how obstacles and other issues affect your overall quality of life and determine new goals. 

During the third-step, you and your coach will create an Action plan. This will include several actions, for you to incorporate and integrate in your personal life, career or relationships. 

In stage four, you will implement Change, and evaluate the performance in your life, relationships or career to see what is improving and what still needs work. 

Lastly, you will Embrace and start living in the new changes and enjoy your new life and relationships. 

Services offered for Life Coaching include:

Personal Growth


Emotional (anger, depression, anxiety, fear)

Family Relations



Spiritual Life Coach

Your life coach journey will include FREE tools, worksheets, materials, videos, and fun exercises.

Online Christian Life Coach by video or phone

I was broken, lost and had little hope when I came to Jackie for a relationship Christian life coach. She helped me to build my self esteem once again, grow in faith and not be afraid to make changes. Thanks for Christian Spiritual life coach services, JM 

I did not know I had options or understand what my options where; "I felt trapped" My professional life coach helped me to change through seeing my options and an action plan to change. I'm grateful and happier. Thank you Jackie


My relationships were falling apart. I did not get along with my in-laws, which affected my marriage, my kids were out of control, my career was on the edge and I was at the end of my rope. My health life coach helped me to re-establish my personal goals and work on my relationships by setting boundaries and providing tools that work.


My life coach helped me deal with anxiety and panic attacks. I had my first panic attack in my 30's and did not know what was happening or why. Online Christian counselors/life coaching helped me understand anxiety and move into healing it. Dan B.