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Grief and Loss

Are you grieving? Are you hurting? Our Christian Articles provide daily readings to support your grieving journey. We hope they will provide some relief, and uplift you while you are grieving. 

There are six stages to work through with grief. They include:

  • Denial- "This can't be happening", "This is not real; it must be a bad dream" "I don't want to talk about it"
  • Anger and Blame- "This is all your fault", "You did this", "God did this to me"
  • Guilt and Pain- "I must have caused this" "It is my fault"
  • Bargaining- "Take my life", I will do anything to fix this"
  • Depression-Loneliness- "I am alone", "Nobody understands what I am going through"
  • Acceptance- "I have to accept this tragedy" "I have faith and hope" 

The six stages of grief do not have to be in a specific order. You may move through the stages of grief in different stages. For example, you many be angry one day, depressed the next day and back to anger the third day. 

There is no set time frame when it comes to grieving. Grief is very personalized and dependent upon your personal journey. Sometimes, other people may say the wrong things or expect you to be moving on and "getting over it" but your journey of working through the stages of grief is yours alone. 

Nobody can tell you when or how to move through the process. However, if you notice you are not healing and are not working through the process, you may need additional support. 

Online Christian counseling, or life coaching can help you process and create an action plan to move through the grieving process.