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Anxiety Symptoms

Do you have panic attacks, or live in constant fear? Some of the feelings and symptoms that come with increased anxiety include: 

  • A racing heart or mind
  • Rapid thoughts
  • Negative thinking
  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands, feet, fingers
  • Extreme worrying about situations, people or things
  • Feeling like you are going to die
  • Chest pains
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Hyperventilation
  • Feeling a loss of control 
  • Feeling anxious out in the public or at an event
  • Fear of being alone

Some anxiety is a normal part of life. However, when it starts to take over your life; it becomes debilitating or is ongoing, it can interfere with enjoying life and activities. It can cause loneliness, panic and isolation. 

In addition, many times, Anxiety and Depression, go hand in hand. If you have depression, or need more information about depression, please visit our depression page.  

Our online anxiety counseling and life coaching for anxiety is stress Free online. You do not have to leave home, drive to the office or sit in a lobby; you can be safe, private and relaxed from home. It is low-cost, affordable and effective.

Sometimes, leaving home or being in the public can cause increased anxiety, especially with social anxiety. Now you can talk to someone online without having to schedule an office visit. We provide you with Free resources to overcome anxiety. Online anxiety therapy allows you to download free resources to help you heal anxiety once you join as a member.

Anxiety and panic attacks are scary and uncomfortable. They can be confusing. You may wonder if you are going crazy, or dying from a heart-attack. You may pace back and forth, or be afraid to leave the house.  

When is it time to seek anxiety counseling or life coaching? 

When anxiety is bothersome or interferes with daily activities. If it is causing you problems or you feel the need to talk to someone online.  Anxiety can be overcome through Biblical methods that are proven to be effective and lasting.  

Your online Christian counselor or life coach will help you establish goals to overcome anxiety. Christian counseling will help prevent anxiousness from stealing your life, through professional effective Biblical methods. 

God did not give us a Spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7) NKJV.  

How to Overcome Anxiety: Billy Graham

"At its best, anxiety distracts us from our relationship with God and the truth that He is “Lord of heaven and earth” (Matthew 11:25). 

"At its worst, anxiety is a crippling disease, taking over our minds and plunging our thoughts into darkness".  Billy Graham. We don't see the birds sitting on a branch having a panic attack, or the eagle needing anxiety counseling. We need to understand God did not give us a spirit of fear or worry and stress, he gave us a sound mind. 

Anxiety Disorders: Frequently Asked Questions

What causes anxiety? What can I do to get help? Why am I experiencing anxiety as a Christian? This article by Don Graber addresses these questions. Anxiety and panic attacks can leave you feeling alone and isolated from the world. Anxiety counseling and life coaching will give you the tools, understanding and motivation to overcome the symptoms and beliefs associated with anxiety.

Did You Know?


  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.
  • Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment.Christian Anxiety counseling or life coaching is the best therapy you can receive
  • People with an anxiety disorder are three to five times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those who do not suffer from anxiety disorders. Panic attacks may interfere with daily living.
  • Anxiety disorders develop from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.